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                Home > SERVICES > For Taxpayers’ Convenience

                • Issuing new regulations for professional tax services

                  In May 2017, the issuance of the Measures on Regulating Professional Tax Services (Provisional) marked a significant innovation and breakthrough in the regulation of professional tax services by the STA.

                • Branding the 12366 Tax Service Platform

                  On January 20, 2017, the 12366 taxpayer service platform was launched online to provide services in consultation, inquiry, education and processing of tax-related matters.

                • Protecting taxpayers' rights

                  Starting from 2013, the STA has stepped up efforts in protecting taxpayers' rights by clarifying detailed requirements on such aspects as rule-based administration, dispute resolution and establishment of taxpayers' rights protection departments.

                • Upgrading taxpayer service

                  Applied innovative service methods including online service (as in invoice application and issuance), Quick Response (QR) code and self-service terminals to make tax compliance more convenient, efficient and accessible to taxpayers.

                • Increasing tax transparency

                  Established an information disclosure system to timely, extensively and accurately notify the public via online and offline channels of tax laws and policies, responsibilities of tax authorities, procedures and results of tax-related matters.

                • Establishing the Tax Credit Rating System

                  The STA has established a modern tax credit rating system by promulgating the Administrative Measures on Tax Credit Rating (Provisional) and the Tax Credit Rating Indices and Methods (Provisional).

                • Launching the Spring Breeze Project

                  In 2014, the STA rolled out the Spring Breeze Project to facilitate taxpayers.