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                Home > RESOURCES > Tax Collection and Administration

                • Export refund management

                  In 2018, the STA accelerated processing export refund and updated the export refund guide. It optimized the management of tax refund for comprehensive foreign trade service companies, clarified the export refund issues for small?scale taxpayers and improved the port of shipment refund management.

                • Tax auditing

                  In 2018, the tax auditing bureaus at all levels severely cracked down on various tax crimes, investigated and penalized any violation of tax laws and regulations, advanced the auditing modernization and improved their work efficiency and efficacy.

                • Large business taxation administration

                  The CPC Committee of the STA decided to set up the Large Business Tax Service and Administration Department at provincial and municipal levels, responsible for risk analysis and treatment, economic analysis, tax base monitor and personalized service for large businesses which indicated a positive st...

                • Compliance risk management

                  A variety of information types obtained from many sources and through different?channels helps the Chinese tax administration to keep taxpayers on their radar.

                • International tax administration

                  In the context of economic globalization, the tax authority of China has been taking an active part in global tax governance and continuously enhancing international tax administration so as to meet the needs of the opening up of the economy.