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                • Tax revenue in 2018

                  In 2018, the aggregate tax revenue in China was 16995.9 billion RMB, of which 15298.2 billion RMB were collected by tax authorities and 1697.7 billion RMB were collected by customs on behalf of tax authorities, accounting for 90 percent and 10 percent of the aggregate respectively.

                • Tax revenue by tax category in 2018

                  In 2018, tax revenue of Goods and Services Tax (GST), Income Taxes, Property and Behavior Taxes were 9283.9 billion RMB, 4936.2 billion RMB and 2775.8 billion RMB, accounting for 54.6 percent, 29.1 percent and 16.3 percent respectively.

                • Tax revenue growth (1993—2018)

                  Calculated on comparable basis, tax revenue in 2018 has increased by 1422 billion RMB on a year-on-year basis, registering growth of 9.1 percent.

                • The Share of Tax Revenue in Fiscal Revenue

                  In 2018, the share of tax revenue (without deductions for export tax refunds) in fiscal revenue was 92.7 percent.

                • The Share of Tax Revenue in GDP

                  In 2018, the share of tax revenue in GDP was 18.9 percent.