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                Home > ABOUT

                What We Do

                Drafting tax laws,regulations and detailed?implementing rules;providing advice on the making of tax policies;making joint efforts with the MOF to report and instructing?implementation measures;interpreting tax laws and policies in the process of enforcement?and reporting afterwards to the MOF for record-filing.


                Wang Jun Commissioner
                Yu Chunsheng Deputy Commissioner
                Wu Haiying Discipline Inspector
                Ren Rongfa Deputy Commissioner
                Liu Lijian Deputy Commissioner
                Wang Daoshu Chief Auditor

                Organizational Structure

                · Departments of STA
                • · General Office
                • · Tax Policy and Legislation Department
                • · Goods and Services Tax Department
                • · Income Tax Department
                • · Property and Behavior Tax Department
                • · Social Insurance Department (Non-Tax Revenue Department)
                • · International Taxation Department
                • · Revenue Planning and Accounting Department
                • · Taxpayer Service Department
                · Agencies directly under STA
                • · Education Center
                • · Logistics?Center
                • · E-tax Management Center ?
                • · Procurement Center
                • · Tax?Science and Research?Institute
                • · Tax Publicity?Center
                • · Tax Academy?of STA
                • · China?Tax Magazine